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Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas sensor modules analog/digital ...


Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power Deutschland Edisonstraße 16 DE 85716 Unterschleißheim . Tél. +49 89 374 288 87 00

Flammable Toxic Gas Detection for Pipeline Gas ...


Modbus, HART, and 420 mA communication options ¡ Intelligent Plus Series Sensors Autorecognition and setup from sensor memory ... 823022121 NO2 1 PPM 20 PPM PPM 10 sec 4° to 122 F°, 1590% RH 823021822 SO2 2 PPM 100 PPM PPM 10 sec 4° to 122 F°, ...

ESP32 I2C Communication: Set Pins, Multiple Bus Interfaces ...


2/10/2019· The ESP32 has two I2C bus interfaces that can serve as I2C master or slave. In this tutorial we’ll take a look at the I2C communication protocol with the ESP32 using Arduino IDE: how to choose I2C pins, connect multiple I2C devices to the same bus and how to use the two I2C bus interfaces.

Détecteur gaz NO2, Dioxyde d''azote GazDetect


Ce petit détecteur de gaz portable peut détecter avec précision et fiabilité la présence de gaz explosifs (0 LIE), d’ O2 (oxygène), CO (monoxyde de carbone), H2S (hydrogène sulfuré), NO2 (dioxyde d’azote) et SO2 (dioxyde de soufre). Le détecteur gaz portable X …

Cairsens® NO₂ | Microsensors | Ambient | ENVEA


USB, UART, Modbus: LCD Display: Concentration in ppb or ppm, life time of the sensor, operating status, memory available, … Control data treatment board: Internal microprocessor for data acquisition and treatment, embedded timer: Data Storage: 20 days for 1 min data, 303 days for 15 min data or 1212 days for 60 min data: Download data mode

Honeywell Analytics


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QEL – Sensors


QTS1710 Instruction Manual. Q8 Series NonIntrusive Toxic or Combustible Gas Transmitter/Sensors. The Q8 series is a digitally controlled, microprocessor based “Smart Sensor” for detection and data transmission of toxic or combustible gases. Includes 3 relays, adjustable setpoints and …



RS485 Modbus (physico Multiparameter sensor: Compact, robust with Modbus R485 or SDI12 communication, the TRIPOD can interface with every type of terminal with input PLC, RTU, Logger ) or SDI12 (acquisition device, logger with transmission GSM / GPRS, sampler , flowmeter).

EC 28Gas Transmitter | GfG Instrumentation


Product Description. GfG Instrumentation presents the EC 28 Fixed Transmitter for reading of toxic gases, oxygen and hydrogen. The EC 28 offers advanced technology, easy handling, RC2 remote control and an integrated exproof EC 28 has plugin smart sensor technology making it easy to replace sensors without opening the casing. Adjustments are performed directly at the transmitter ...

Energy Sensors and Environmental Sensors | Veris


Veris Industries Your Complete Source for Energy Sensors and Environmental Sensors

GDT Series – Carbon Monoxide/Nitrogen Dioxide Detector ...


The dual sensor device is available in 2 configurations: CO/NO2 housed one enclosure or as CO with remote NO2 sensor for mounting at a higher location. The GDT gas sensors are encapsulated in field replaceable sensors pods that are located on the bottom of the enclosure.

SMART3GC2 ExplosionProof Detectors: Nitrogen Dioxide Gas ...


S3008ND NITROGEN DIOXIDE Gas Detector (NO2) 020 ppm, 420mA Intrinsically Electrochemical cell Explosion Proof Enclosure Version SMART3GC2 Zone 1 category 2 areas. S3008ND SMART3G gas detectors are employed to detect Nitrogen Dioxide, NO2 Gas compounds (ppm) in classified areas.

VESDA SEnSEpoint XCL Xtralis


VESDA Sensepoint XCL – Large Bore is available with either 420 mA analog or Modbus RTU output, both versions being equipped with 2 programmable relays. The result is a flexible solution that can be integrated to BMS, fire alarm panels, PLCs, HVAC, etc.

E3Point | Honeywell


E3Point is capable of detecting the widest range of toxic and combustible gases found in commercial building spaces and outbuildings, including CO, NO2, O2, H2, H2S, CH4 and C3H8. It can be used as a standalone unit with single or dualgas detection ( using a remote sensor) or deployed as a networkable device (interoperable with BACnet ...

Sonde de Qualité de l''Air Ambiant : QAA | NanoSense


29/1/2020· Les capteurs présents dans la sonde QAA ont une durée de vie supérieure à 10 ans. Pour les capteurs NO2, SO2, H2S et O3, la durée de vie est de 5 ans. Valeurs conseillées. La taille des particules est directement liée à leur dangerosité potentielle visàvis de la santé.

CO₂ sensor Infineon Technologies


As a global leader in sensor technology, Infineon has developed a CO 2 sensor chip that provides accurate, realtime CO 2 measurement thanks to superior MEMS technology. The MEMSbased CO 2 sensor uses Infineon’s MEMS microphone which acts as a pressure sensor and is optimized for low frequency operation. The XENSIV™ PAS CO2 sensor module integrates a PAS transducer, a …

China Digital Nitrite Sensor NO2 Ion Selective Sensor ...


China Digital Nitrite Sensor NO2 Ion Selective Sensor RS485 4~20mA, Find details about China Digital Sensor, Ion Selective Sensor from Digital Nitrite Sensor NO2 Ion Selective Sensor RS485 4~20mA Shanghai Chunye Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

Transmetteur de pièce CO | NO2 | 3 sorties, VCC


Le capteur dispose de trois sorties analogiques (010 VCC / 020 mA / 0 PWM) et d''une communication Modbus RTU. L''élément capteur CO / NO2 est remplaçable. Tous les paramètres, y compris l''intensité lumineuse des LED intégrées pour l''indication d''état, peuvent être ajustés via Modbus RTU. Code article.

Transmetteur de pièce CO | NO2 | Modbus RTU, PoM


Les valeurs mesurées peuvent être lues via Modbus RTU. L''élément capteur CO / NO2 est remplaçable. Tous les paramètres, y compris l''intensité lumineuse des LED intégrées pour l''indication d''état, peuvent être ajustés via Modbus RTU.

Cairsens® O₃ + NO₂ | Microsensors | Ambient | ENVEA


O 3 + NO 2 realtime monitoring. Very high sensitivity to capture low level gas concentrations (down to ppb) Accurate measurement data at a fraction of the cost of Reference Analyzers. No maintenance and no need for recalibration (1 year lifetime) Embedded USB and UART / ModBus communication ports.

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